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Are You Getting Crushed Under Your Housing Debt?
Knowledge is Power... Be Empowered.

As you are no doubt aware, many homes today are not worth the amount owned to a mortgage lender. If you count yourself in this situation.

Take a Breath... You're Not Alone.

Do You Have Enough Information To Make The Best Decisions?

I am Rob Petty, Realtor with Outer Banks Blue Realty Services and I work with people like you everyday to help them discover the unique opportunities tied with today's ever changing Outer Banks real estate market. I have teamed up with a National Short Sale Company to provide assistance to consumers who are in need of my services.

Unfortunately, I also see homes lost and families devastated because the owners didn't take advantage of the many options available to them, and we are left to wonder.

Why Not Take Action and Solve The Problem?
These homeowners had the same options you do now, yet they failed to act. Perhaps they didn't have the information they needed to make an informed decision and therefore made no decision at all. You do not have to let this happen to you. You have the ability to take control of the situation through knowledge and understanding.

Whether I help you work with your lender, locate new financing or sell your property, resolving the issue to your satisfaction is always my top priority. You and only you have the ability to make the most of these trying times.

But You Must Take The First Step.
Check out the information provided below and if you like what you see, call me to arrange a no-obligation meeting. I will review your personal situation and your goals with your property. I can then begin working through the solutions, giving you all the information you need to make the smartest decisions. The sooner we begin, the more success we will have.

You Don't Have To Do This Alone - We Can Help!
The percentage of homeowners behind on their mortgages last year alone rose to the highest level in 10 years, as layoffs and a shrinking economy left more families in financial crisis. More and more families face real problems in today's worsening economy. Many can't recover from even minor setbacks and unexpected financial surprises.

I have developed a specialized team of professionals designed to provide homeowners with objective information, counseling and assistance on ALL their options in a mortgage debt situation. I believe a short term problem should not cause you a long term financial disaster. I have the people and resources available to help you fully understand and resolve your mortgage debt situation in a logical and systematic manner.

With so many stories in the paper and on the news, it can be hard to determine what you need to do. I will work with you to identify qualifying programs that match your financial situation.

The President's Plan.
1) Working it out with Your Lender
All Lenders that accepted Government Bailout funds are required to adhere to specific Mortgage Modification guidelines under the Homeowner Affordability and Stabilization Plan.

Lenders will complete the forfeitures on your property only if and when all other options have been exhausted. Many more are required by their investors or insurers to assist homeowners who have fallen behind.

Your Lender's ultimate goal is to resolve the delinquent payments. The Government has now supplied the tools needed to help restructure your loan and resolve potential problems. This can be done through a loan modification and is the most cost effective solution for you.

2) Third Party Assistance
There are multiple third party assistance programs, both public and private, that are designed to assist homeowners facing hardship. But, not all programs are for all people and time is one thing we can't waste. I can assist you in finding the people and agencies that may have funds and programs available for your special circumstances.

3) New Financing
I work with lenders and mortgage brokers to help you locate the financing you need. I can help you negotiate with your lender to resolve negative equity in your property and locate the best loan programs for you.

4) Bankruptcy Protection
Bankruptcy protection for the right reasons makes sense for some people. Perhaps your financial crisis is such that you need court ordered protection to get back on your feet. If you think your financial situation cannot be resolved through the above approaches, to discuss your rights and obligations under a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

5) Short Selling the Property
If you decide that keeping your property is not an option, I want to be your Real Estate Professional. I can provide you with world class service and will earn your trust through my results driven system. I work with specially trained negotiators that understand you and know how to optimize your position. I will exceed your expectations and assure you a professional transaction when it matters so much. This is no time for the mistakes or excuses of amateurs. Call me today at (252) 256-2830 or send me an email at Rob@RobPetty.com for your free information regarding your Outer Banks real estate options.

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